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Edward Waite at the Colomb Art Gallery

Edward Waite at the Colomb Art Gallery

Posted by the Colomb Art Gallery / Friday 6th of November, 2015

The Colomb Art Gallery is excited to announce the arrival of work by the gallery’s newest artist, British contemporary artist Edward Waite. A sincere welcome to you and your work, Edward.

Bold and buzzing with an almost electric energy, Waite’s work perfectly captures the intoxicating vitality of metropolitan environments. His pieces pulsate with strong lines and structure, yet simultaneously offer a softer fluidity that gives movement and emotion to each and every painting. Some of his pieces even extend outward from the canvas and onto the frame itself, further engaging the viewer and adding to the overall impact.

Edward’s trademark style can partly be attributed to his unique and innovative application. The method in question? Ketchup bottles. It seems fitting that the idea of using ketchup bottles first came to him in a New York City diner; for it is this application method that has allowed him to so perfectly capture the bustle and movement of the city.

Unsurprisingly, Edward has already achieved great success as an artist, and has seen several sell-out exhibitions. We are exceptionally happy to welcome him to the gallery, and look forward to seeing his career continue to flourish.

View Edward’s available work and read his full biography here.

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