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Andrew Grant Kurtis: Illuminating London

Andrew Grant Kurtis: Illuminating London

by The Colomb Art Gallery / Tuesday 9th of October, 2018

No other artist captures the drama and romanticism of London quite like Andrew Grant Kurtis. With hazy, violet skylines, luminous moonlight and a glittering Thames, Andrew melds a bold contemporary style with traditional sensibilities; in his hands, London glows.

Andrew is a scholar of art, obtaining a Licentiateship to the Society of Industrial Arts and Designers from the Technical College, London, before successfully completing his Bachelor of Design degree from the Central School of Art and Design. Following his postgraduate studies, Andrew completed his education with a Master of Arts in 1977.

Ever the purist, Andrew prepares his own pigments and mediums by hand, following in the centuries-old craftsmanship of blending and creating one’s own colours. Indeed, the artist’s bold, rich colour use sets him apart. Using this carefully crafted palette, vibrant shades of magenta, cerulean and azure electrify his skies while hues of saffron and bright white dot the metropolis like fireflies, illuminating London for all to see.

Andrew covers an impressive breadth in his work, turning his learned skill and unique style to genres as wide ranging as equestrian, marine and landscape painting. But it is his cityscapes, particularly his renderings of Britain’s capital city, that hold him in such high regard. Through his masterful rendering of light and colour, collectors are transported to the cold, anticipant breath of an awakening city morning or to the enticing mystery of the night.

Firmly establishing himself as an artist of distinction, Andrew continues to enjoy great success in his career. An exceptional talent, his work has captured the imaginations of leading galleries and private collectors around the world. 

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