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The Colomb Art Gallery | London

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For hundreds of years, London has played a leading role on the world stage. A global centre for arts and innovation, it seemed only fitting that London be given the same significance in our business. Working closely with its parent gallery York Fine Arts, The Colomb Art Gallery serves as the London dealership, specifically catering to our London clients.

The Colomb Art Gallery was first established in 2006 by Philip Colomb Short as an online art gallery to buy original fine art. With a nod to the French Swiss heritage of the Colomb family name (which translates to ‘dove’ in French), The Colomb Art Gallery pays tribute to the value of tradition so frequently forgotten in today’s society.

It is this value of tradition that sets The Colomb Art Gallery apart from our contemporaries. Our carefully selected collection of artwork aims to create balance and synergy between past and present—to look forward whilst perpetuating the value and heritage of traditional fine art. For this reason, we source both contemporary and traditional fine art from some of the very best artists practicing today, making The Colomb Art Gallery one of London’s largest stockists of traditional artworks by living artists.

The Colomb Art Gallery, London, is leading independent art galleries in Central London
The Colomb Art Gallery, London
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