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Curate With Colour

Curate With Colour

by Deanna Dawkins / Tuesday 18th of October, 2016

One of the many pleasures of fine art is its ability to influence our emotions and state of mind. Colour is a large contributor to this phenomenon, as it carries deeply ingrained psychological and cultural associations both consciously and unconsciously. By harnessing the power of colour and making deliberate choices about your fine art’s colour scheme, you can curate the mood of your environment and create a space that feels just as good as it looks.



One of the most attention-grabbing colours, red is a colour associated with danger, passion and attraction in both the natural and manmade world. Channel red’s power to stimulate by incorporating the colour in social spaces like the dining room or living room.  

'Ripened Strawberries' 'Scarlet Fields of Tuscany'
Original oil painting on panel Original oil painting on panel
Raymond Campbell Steve Thoms



The most visible colour of the spectrum, yellow is an energising colour reminiscent of sunshine and warmth. Use yellow to instantly brighten any space and bring a bit of uplifting cheer.

'Rugged Beauty' 'Day at the Beach'
Original oil painting on panel Original oil painting on canvas
Clare Haley William Heytman



Perhaps the most representative colour of the natural world, green is frequently associated with life, growth and health. Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating various shades of green into your space, and prepare yourself for the welcome escape it will create.

'Peaceful Moment' 'Spring in the Bluebell Wood'
Original oil painting on panel Original oil painting on canvas
Michael James Smith Terry Evans



Blue is a calming colour that induces relaxation and a sense of security. Reminiscent of sea and sky, blue has the ability to calm and soothe, making it a natural choice for spaces specifically used for relaxing or alternatively, working spaces in need of some stress release. 

'Serenity Sands' 'Distant Horizon, Yorkshire'
Original acrylic painting on panel Original oil painting on panel
John Horsewell Michael John Ashcroft, MAFA



A colour associated with royalty for thousands of years, purple exudes opulence and luxury. Darker shades of purple lend a sense of richness and mystery, while lighter, floral shades provide a soft, romantic feel. With the passion of red and the calmness of blue, paintings with purple are a perfect choice for bedrooms or living rooms.

'Blood Orange Sky' 'Opulent Nude'
Original oil painting on canvas Original oil painting on canvas
David Sawyer, RBA Martin Leighton



Often symbolic of purity and perfection, white brings uncomplicated simplicity to a space. With the ability to make spaces feel as light and bright as freshly fallen snow, even a touch of white can make a space feel airy and graceful.

'Weedon Lane in Winter, Northamptonshire' 'Ode to St Hildas Church'
Original oil painting on panel Original oil painting on panel
Daniel Van der Putten Sean Durkin



Black is a colour of elegance and intrigue. With the power to convey anything from formality to effortless simplicity, black is a versatile colour to incorporate into a space. When paired with other dark colours black can exude strength or richness, while pairing with white creates a monochrome palette of sophistication. 

'Peregrine Falcon' 'Two Cocker Spaniels'
Original oil painting on panel Hand couloured re-strike engraving
Wayne Westwood Leon Danchin


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