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Kitty Lambton, Biography

British contemporary artist
Prints and Textile Design

(b.1996) Broughton, Scottish Borders

An emerging Scottish designer brimming with promise, Kitty Lambton effortlessly simplifies an often complex world into its most basic elements of abstract form and colour. Her bold yet harmonious designs highlight subtle elements of everyday surroundings, recalibrating a simplified perspective for the viewer and providing an uncomplicated space in which to appreciate facets of beauty.

After graduating from Textile Design at Gray’s School of Art in 2018, Kitty wasted no time in laying down firm foundations for her professional career as an artist. Setting up her studio in Glasgow’s east end, she has since continued to create the organic, free-flowing designs for wall art and textiles that have quickly become her signature.

Kitty’s distinctive compositions stem from her very close examination of the ordinary. She feels that “The things we see routinely are often the ones that go unnoticed. We casually engage with objects in their normal environments without giving them a second glance.” In applying her own acute sense of observation, Kitty teases out the overlooked beauty in the form, colour and detail of the objects that populate our busy lives. Bringing this focus to the forefront of her work, Kitty thus transforms everyday subjects and surroundings into statement works of art worthy of pause and adoration.

1 available artwork by Kitty Lambton

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