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Kirsty Maclennan, Biography

British contemporary artist
Original printmaking

(b.1994) Gateshead, England

A bold and versatile artist, Kirsty Maclennan unapologetically embraces her dynamic creativity and curiosity. Unfettered by a single medium or style, Kirsty freely explores and interprets the world around her through a deliberate and carefully considered array of lenses, each more captivating than the last. Challenging assumptions and unveiling new truths and perspectives, her work is a reflection of her own modern exploration.

Born and raised in Gatehead, Kirsty grew up immersed in the North East’s diverse creative culture. It therefore comes as no surprise that this unique environment, shaped by its proud industrial past and dynamic contemporary present, has had a great influence on her work. “Whatever I’m working on, I always find myself drawn to home and the people that surrounded me growing up. There is a very distinct ambience to the North East; it’s earthy and warm and rough around the edges. I’m very proud to come from a place like that.”

Kirsty considers herself a multidisciplinary artist, channelling her creativity into a range of often intersecting mediums including painting, illustration, writing and printmaking. Though the breadth and depth of her artistry may suggest otherwise, aside from an A Level in Art, Kirsty never received any formal training. Instead, she prefers to trust her own instincts and work things out for herself, avoiding the influence of others as much as possible to remain true to her own perspective and vision.

Today, Kirsty lives and works in York where she continues to create and inspire. Her illustrations have been published in collector’s editions of Brontë classics, while her exclusive collection of limited-edition York linocuts have been snapped up and treasured by local and international collectors alike.

4 available artworks by Kirsty Maclennan

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