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Exhibition runs Monday 20th of September, 2010,
until Saturday 2nd of October, 2010 at our gallery

'ULTRA’ by Luisa Agliatta, Bálint Bolygó, Philip Chudy, Eugenia Emets, Ray Massey, Rob Matheson, Moira Metcalfe, Carien Otto, James Stroud and Nitin Vadukul.

The group exhibition ‘Ultra’ is the result of collaboration between artists well-established in the artistic community both nationally and internationally. They are represented in various museums of modern and contemporary art as well as private collections in the USA, the UK, Russia and Europe. Their backgrounds include paintings, drawings, etchings, filmmaking, photography, collages, sculptures and installation works.

The works that comprise ‘Ultra’ are the fruits of personal experiments and explorations (Eugenia Emets, Luisa Agliatta and James Stroud), experiences such as dreams and visions (Nitin Vadukul), observations from travelling and meeting people (Ray Massey and Philip Chudy) or, as in case of Bálint Bolygó, intimate moments in the studio. ‘My studio practice is wide ranging’, explains Bolygó, ‘and I often spend hours in the darkroom as well as welding and doing all the engineering that my work requires. I guess what everything is tied up with is the idea of following a process whether it is etching, photography or making machines – there is a fundamental natural pace and rhythm that the artist needs to tap into – that’s what I enjoy.’

No matter what the medium, subject matter or approach, the works in ‘Ultra’ challenge us to view the familiar in new ways. Through the use of imagery, the application of mixed media and the fusion of different genres, the exhibition subtly reminds the viewer of the power of the visual to affect our emotions – to capture and extend the boundaries of our appreciation of a moment with all its uniqueness, eventfulness and complexity. This is an inspiration and source of tremendous joy.

Most of the works that featured in the exhibition where showcased here for the first time.

'Ultra' is curated by Vera Dearman of Veracity Arts.

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