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Julia Sterland 2010
Exhibition runs Thursday 11th of November, 2010,
until Wednesday 17th of November, 2010 at our gallery

Solo Exhibition at The Colomb Art Gallery, London.

Private View | 6pm-8pm Thursday 11th November.
Contact gallery for Private View invitation and exhibition list.

Live demonstrations throughout the week - contact gallery to arrange a sitting time.

The one thing that all my paintings have in common, be they portraits, landscapes, animals or still lifes is that I always paint figuratively. I paint what I see. The important thing I tell both myself and my students is to paint what we see now, not what we remember, or a construction of the mind. I feel that paintings should speak for themselves and that outstanding figurative or representative art needs no explanation or justification.

Of mixed English/German parentage I grew up in a somewhat bohemian musical household where I was encouraged to paint from an early age. My first career was in medicine. I studied at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London and then practised as a GP in the Hebrides and Hertfordshire, where I got to know thousands of different faces. When I left medicine in order to concentrate more on painting I also trained as an Alexander Technique teacher. The “less is more” principle I learned from the Alexander technique has been invaluable in my painting.

My studies of watercolour have been particularly influenced by Edward Seago and James Fletcher-Watson, while in oil painting I have been particularly influenced by my teacher Zohar. I continually learn by looking at the paintings of the great painters of the past, such as Rembrant.

Currently, I move between commissions, free pieces and teaching classes. I teach painting abroad both in Umbria, Italy and the Sierra Nevada, Spain once a year and am running a watercolour course for the Society of teachers of the Alexander Technique in March 2010. I also run weekly watercolour classes and 2 day oil workshops at my home.

You can see my work at the Colomb Gallery, Marylebone, November 10th – 17th 2010, in a solo exhibition entitled “Painting to see.”

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