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The Wheel of Life and Other Positive Icons for Dangerous Times.

The Wheel of Life and Other Positive Icons for Dangerous Times.

Exhibition runs Thursday 18th of November, 2010,
until Saturday 27th of November, 2010 at our gallery

A New Exhibition of Paintings by Andrew Flint Shipman.

The symbolist, mystic painter Andrew Flint Shipman returns to The Colomb Art Gallery after his successful show last year. This year’s highly colourful show is inspired by the turning of the wheel of life, affecting the seasons, days, moments of our lives. Our connection to the earth and the re-joining of the physical and the spiritual aspects of life which seem to have unfortunately got rather separated. 

To look beyond the common misconception that if you can’t see or touch it, it does not exist. To look for the balance and find harmony again. To understand our purpose in life and to then look further. His paintings have often been worked as ‘Icons’, usually working on wood or paper, at times with Gold or Silver leaf he offers in this show a selection of positive works for these dangerous times.

Also available at the exhibition will be a selection of unique gifts from the
British made beautiful, Placemats and Coasters, Glass Trivets, Bags, Aprons and Natural Scented Candles.

For further information Call Kate on 07775848512 or Andrew Flint on 07798 743 459

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